HackingSeconds has been a passion project of mine on and off for a while now. When I started getting into watches, I did what I think everyone else does: read the forums -- a lot.

For me, the most fun was when someone got a new watch. They'd post photos, and talk about the watch, why they bought it, etc. This was where I saw a lot of enthusiasm, but the experience of looking at pictures on a forum just isn't that great (the experience of adding them to a post isn't all the great either). This made me start thinking about how I could improve that experience a bit, and that's when I started thinking through HackingSeconds.

Ultimately I realised that the value of having your watch collection online wasn't just about sharing it with friends. It's about us too. How many of us have spreadsheets or a google doc listing the watches we have (or had), their serial numbers, the watches we want, and maybe even a breakdown of type/calibre, etc... Having your watch collection cataloged online means consolidating that information in an environment a bit more interactive than a spreadsheet.

Then comes the FSOT forum pages. These are amazing. You won't find better deals on great watches from real watch people anywhere else. The problem is volume. I found myself scrolling through pages of watches I had no interest in to find that one needle in the haystack. My ultimate goal is to use predictive models to help narrow that haystack down a bit, so that the heavy lifting is done by us, instead of you.

Please sign up and enjoy sharing and cataloging your collection. If you have any ideas, please fill out the feedback form once you're logged in. It goes right to the devs!